The leading RetailTech-as-a-Service factory

Customer Digitization-as-a-Service
We fully digitalize the points of sale to improve conversion rates with the power of the leading platform in a single monthly fee.

Workflow Automation-as-a-Service
We turn labour intensive long workflows into efficient operations with the power of artificial intelligence in a single monthly fee.

Nest is the leading RetailTech-as-a-Service (RTaaS) factory that eases and accelerates the digital transformation of retailers by turning complex Capex-intensive multi-provider investments in hardware, software and services into an Opex-efficient single solutions partner.

We founded Please   in 2013 to help retailers activate more sales with the first all-in-one omnichannel customer digitization open platform in the industry.

Please has partnered with amazing retailers such as Telefónica, Seat, Planeta, Massimo Dutti, Natura, Synlab, Condis, Flormar or Lindt along the way and succesfuly deployed its solutions globally.

We’re now thrilled to release Retailigents as the first AI-based virtual assistants platform to empower the decision makers of any retailer’s backoffice department.

Our unique RetailTech-as-a-Service (RTaaS) model brings together the best of technology with taylor-made, flexible, end-to-end solutions to any retailer worldwide as the best way to leverage the power of digitalization without the hassle of upfront investing, managing multiple providers and the complexity of technology deployment.

The power behind our Solutions-as-a-Service model

No Capex. Lower Opex
RetailTech solutions, simplified
We solve important challenges by merging hardware, software, service and advisory into a single low-cost monthly fee without any upfront investment that reduces costs, complexity and managing multiple providers.

The ecosystem effect
1 + 1 = 11
There is no bigger leverage than specialized agile teams working together with a proprietary technology platform and this is what Nest is all about.

Retailers have no interest in buying hardware, developing software or managing complex technology but in increase sales and become more efficient. Somebody had to build a better way and this is what Nest is all about.

We’ve carefully blended the best of advisory, managed services and technology in a unique portfolio of Solutions-as-a-Service that allow retailers gain new powers with a sole partner, no upfront investments and a single, low cost monthly fee (see below example of CDaaS provided by Please ).

We’ve built a better way and are thrilled to lead the new economy of Solutions-as-a-Service.

A unique tech-based solutions partner for retailers

More insights for Seat
Understanding the customer journey
We’re delivering customer intelligence to the needs of the largest car manufacturer of Spain with an Insights-as-a-Service model.

New revenues for Telefonica
A new tech product in the portfolio
We’ve built the fastest selling social wi-fi in Spain with +2.500 paid customers through a Product-as-a-Service for Telefonica.

More sales for Flormar
A full-stacked CRM strategy
We’re delivering incremental sales to a cosmetics retailer of the Yves Rocher group through an Activation-as-a-Service model.


Retailers need the power of technology without the hassle of learning, deploying and managing it.

Our Solutions-as-a-Service (SolaaS) provide the most agile, flexible, cost efficient and results driven way to deliver growth to the retail industry like never before.

We solve complex challenges of SMB’s and big corporations with our open tech platforms and dedicated key accounts with technology full-stacked added value services.

Wether you’re looking to increase sales, reduce costs or increase the global efficiency of your company, the Nest platform can provide you streamlined and scalable as-a-Service solutions for your digital transformation.

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Launching a new breed of AI-as-a-Service solutions

Leverage the power of AI
It’s time to be more efficient
We break silos within your company by integrating our platforms with your ERP, CRM, PoS and all of your third-party apps to deliver data and predictions on-demand.

We’re developing a batch of a new generation of artificial intelligence solutions to deliver highly transformational efficiencies to the retail industry in Europe and US.

AI is one of the most transformative technologies ever created to empower managers judgement with better predictions and ease workflows like never before and it´s time for retailers to leverage that power.

McKinsey estimates  that AI can generate $600Bn of new efficiencies in the retail industry and we’re working on our share of it with Retailigents , our new platform-based venture.

75% of the retailers applying AI solutions are increasing >10% their sales according to a Capgemini report . Isn’t it time to start now?

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A true love for Barcelona and the STEAM talent

If you’re in the science, technology, engineering or applied mathematics arena and love challenges, professional growth and real-world learning, we’d love to hear from you.

We’re always looking for talented people passionate for PHP, Python, Javascript, Machine Learning, IoT, Data Science, Statistics, Math and complex problem solving.

Barcelona is claimed as the 4th best city in the world to work in  and has become the 1st tech ecosystem in the south of Europe. We couldn’t be more proud to be part of it and happier to welcome you on board.

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